CARES Technical Approvals

Technical Approvals of products by suitably qualified organisations are acceptable under Building Regulations and by major specifiers as the appropriate way of assessing non-standard or new and innovative products.

CARES offers a Technical Approval service to manufacturers of reinforced concrete products as a means to gain official recognition and acceptance for their non-standard or new and innovative products.

CARES' quality and operations assessment schedules

Such products do not usually have recognised product standards by which they can be evaluated. Therefore the product requirements and performance criteria must usually be determined from first principles.

Technical experts to determine the product requirements and product performance criteria which are consistent with the products declared use. These requirements together with production requirements based on BS EN ISO 9001 are defined in CARES' Quality and Operations Assessment Schedules.


The manufacturers are subject to regime of quality auditing and product evaluation in accordance with the appropriate CARES' Quality and Operations Assessment Schedule.

Products are subject to thorough initial product testing and evaluation to ensure that they comply with the criteria defined in the CARES quality and Operations Assessment Schedule.

Once approved, products are subject to a regime of quality inspections and periodic testing to ensure that the product continues to be fit for its intended use.

Recognition of CARES' Technical Approvals

CARES has the following status:

1. UKAS accreditation for Technical Approvals.
2. Notified certification body under the Construction Products Regulation.
3. Technical Assessment Body (TAB).

CARES technical approvals can be accepted by major specifiers and satisfy building regulation requirements.

See - Issued Technical Approvals

Certification Documents

The scheme requirements are defined in the CARES' Technical Approval Scheme Manual. Check the contents and status (PDF).